4. Students Tab

Students Tab

The Students tab is linked to the site's home page. Links under this tab include:
  • Google Docs - an external link to your SVSU Google Apps for Education login.
  • Staff Directory / Websites - a listing of school employees in the building. Names are linked to email addresses. Where teachers have created classroom websites, links are available.
  • ABCya - an external link to educational games for students grades pre-K through 5.
  • Reading Eggs - an external link to a site which makes learning to read interesting and engaging for kids, with great online reading games and activities.
  • Spelling City - an external link to a vocabulary and spelling site.
  • TenMarks - an external link to a site with math resources.
  • Xtra Math - an external link to a site which helps students master basic math facts.
  • Infinite Campus Portal - an external link to the Infinite Campus student portal. Students at the middle and high school can check their grades.