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Office of the Principal

Woodford Hollow Elementary School is steeped in history and tradition and its students are reflective of this tight knit community. Each year I watch our youth grow and develop in many ways and it is a source of pride to watch students become contributing members of this wonderful community. It is a pleasure to be a part of each student’s transformation and this staff recognizes the importance of our students, family, and the community. Elementary schools are the foundation of all educational experiences and their importance should never be underestimated.

Act 77 is changing the traditional educational experience for each student. Originally passed in July of 2013, this act was created so all Vermont students have access to educational experiences which will prepare them for life after graduation. Proficiency-Based Learning is a component of pathways set forth in Act 77 and the State Board of Education’s Education Quality Standards. The Vermont Quality Standards provide teachers with standard expectations for each grade level. There is a balance between what is expected and how the educational experience shapes each student. Teachers at Woodford Hollow Elementary School work to enhance the learning experiences while delivering quality instruction and students benefit from it. A complete list of grade expectations may be found on the SVSU website under the curriculum tab.

Social emotional wellness is included in our educational experience and this piece involves understanding and respecting the differences in each student. “Connect with Kids” shares video clips of various social situations while the teacher guides and supports positive behavior with best practices. The video clips help define conditions that could be challenges for young people. Parents, adults from other schools, and our former students share their successes after they leave this wonderful school and I enjoy hearing their numerous successes.

I’ve also learned from our transfer students, this school is a gem among jewels. New students enjoy the small classroom size and quickly learn their opinion is valued and appreciated. They are amazed and thrilled with the many opportunities at Woodford Hollow and enjoy exploring the outdoor physical education pieces. Some have indicated skiing, ice skating, and tennis as new activities for them. Including outdoor winter activities helps students understand snow and cold is a part of our environment and meant to be explored and not hidden from. The beauty of our area and the outdoor recreation possibilities enriches the lives of our students and helps them appreciate the magnificence of Vermont.

Sandra Foster