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Office of the Principal

Dear Community Members,

Snow is gently falling outside my window reminding me of the beauty and excitement of the first snowfall. Students stop by to tell me it’s snowing and remind me of our trips to Prospect Mountain last year. It’s a fresh start to the winter season and the anticipation and excitement of winter is growing. The first snow fall brings back the fond memories of years past, just like the start of every school year.

Like snowflakes our students are unique individuals who grow and learn at different rates. They are bright, sparkling, and caring, representing the magnificence of youth. They are alike and different, at times unpredictable, and always interesting.

As the political world determines the fate of standardize testing and the mandates that surround them, we remain diligent in the determination to provide a well-rounded education with high academic standards. This is possible because of the support of our staff, our families, and our community.

Our students also have the opportunity to appreciate the seasons as our physical education classes explore lifelong sports such as skiing, ice skating, tennis, swimming, hiking, and bowling. We enjoy the beauty of our environment while learning to stay active. It’s a dual purpose chance to share active lifestyles and appreciate the environment we live in.

Music and art remain active in our schedule helping students to refine their talents and value the creativity of art. It’s a pleasure to know our students are represented in art shows throughout Bennington and a joy to hear them perform. If you have the chance to see their work or hear them at the town hall it will help warm you on any winter day.


Sandra Foster